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My immediate reaction was being overwhelmed; from the blends of blue and purple to the lines curving toward the light, this really pull...

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My immediate reaction was being overwhelmed; from the blends of blue and purple to the lines curving toward the light, this really pulls me in. It actually took a while to realize that those curved lines at the bottom were from the jellyfish since they matched the curved spaceships so well. The "whale-bird-ships have a nice design, and nice to see your jellyfish again used to show a city moving across space. Even the space looks nice and bright with sparkling stars and a hopeful light that they're heading toward. Overall it seems like another world with the freedom of this movement as they swim or soar through space. While the ridges on that jellyfish on the left look nice, the black ovals over the buildings seem out of place as if from a sketch (although looking at the bottom of the city shows a cleaner and more obvious brick pattern).
I was reading my bible this morning from 2 Kings 2:4, with Elisha talking to Elijah. From the living room I heard the preacher on the tv talking about Elijah shutting the door behind him bringing a child back to life, which happened back in 1 Kings, so I whispered "Thank you Lord" as I usually do when I experience what seems like a "coincidence". However, the preacher talked about Elijah placing his eyes on the child's eyes and the child sneezing seven times, neither of which I remembered; I even thought it weird how he emphasized the sneezing part. Anyway, I continued reading up to 2 Kings 4:32, when I was suddenly startled by what I found: It speaks of Elisha (not Elijah) shutting the door behind him, placing his eyes on the child's eyes, and the child sneezing seven times! Apparently I had misheard the preacher, assuming he was talking about a previous story, when in fact the preacher was talking about the same story that I would be reading half an hour later! I thank God for communicate how he watches over me in this way. The chapter continues with Elisha doing more miracles. :iconoooangelicooo:, :iconzelda1and2link:, FemaleArt-FanGuy
Joyful Man
After getting some practice with original faces, I decided to create a picture with the emotion of joy. I used one of the hair styles from my previous work since I liked it, and gave it a light coloring with color pencils (pen for hair).
Head Designs
I started with a plan of practicing designs for heads, torsos and lower bodies. Lately I've been thinking about and experimenting with the drawing of hair, be it straight, wavy or curly. As for the eyes, comparing different styles in comics and anime has led me to believe that the eye design might not be as important as I thought.

Getting to the actual drawing, the first row was designed to use straight hair and a common type of eyes. The results were quite interesting; the first reminds me of a samurai, the second looks like a somewhat cute Asian boy, and the third was a successful attempt at an asymmetrical hairstyle. I was surprised that my semi-realistic style (am I allowed to call it that?) had created these faces that were so different from what I've seen elsewhere, but in a good way that made them unique.

The second row was designed to use wavy hair and "trapezoid" eyes. By now I was making subtle changes to their expressions and experimenting with wavy hair. Though perhaps not as impressive as the first row, at least the third one seems to have nice hair.
Back in April I tried creating some art based on science concepts. At the top I imagined what an electron might look like, and then wanted to show it being attracted to a proton. I had to draw them close so the attraction could be seen, so since those particles don't usually get so close I changed them to being positively and negatively charged molecules. In the middle, I tried to imagine what a blade cutting an object looked like at the molecular level. At first I drew the blade's atoms touching as they should be, but decided to make it look better by stretching the bonds drastically to form a palace-like design. This was just a lineart before, but I saw it this morning and decided to try finishing it to post here. I was hesitant to post this, as it was more about brainstorming than being visually impressive, but figured it was interesting enough to share.
A passionate friend here on dA by the name of :iconoooangelicooo: had gifted me with this amazing piece:
Bladeninja76 by oooANGELICooo
Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. The reason I'm writing this journal however, concerns a question she recently asked me: "what has God done for you in your life? After coming up with my answer, I decided that it would be a good idea to share my response as a journal. So here it is:

"I suppose I could name some moments of 'fortune' that I'm grateful to God for. As a child, I once climbed high up on my tree and fell down onto a shed. Though I lost consciousness and woke up in a hospital that evening, I don't recall having any injuries at all. In contrast, years later I was laying on a weak table when it broke, causing me to fall through it and sprain my arm despite not falling far down like the previous case.

More recently however, is the category of moments where the timing seems to be too perfect. First it was waking up early on days when I knew I had to finish an assignment, though I simply accepted it as a phenomenon. More convincing however, was when I was thinking "I wonder when it's time to sign up for graduation at my university", before finding out that the deadline had been extended to TODAY and me being just in time. Sometimes I'll be thinking something and then hear someone talking about the very same thing. At first I thought of them as mere coincidences, but after that graduation thing, and after it seemed to happen on a weekly basis, it seemed like something more. I haven't gotten the holy spirit to speak in tongues through me, but I like to think that these moments are God's way of saying hi, so I'll whisper "Thank You Lord" when it happens. After moments like these and occasionally focusing on God's word, I've come to be grateful to God for giving us good principles to live by. I've even thanked him for making it possible to enjoy so many forms of entertainment, from shows and songs to some of the art on this website."


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm really an amateur artist after one class, but I've picked up new things from studying different people and a little practice. I consider my taste good as I try to fave the best art I see here, but I'll try to create something worthy of that category.

On a side note, please comment my work, as I genuinely desire to improve and to be motivated by the type of input I give to others.

Current Residence: Florida, USA
Favorite music: Linkin Park, Thousand Foot Krutch, Video Game OST
Operating System: Mac OS 10.9
Wallpaper: switches between nature and images based on games
Favorite animated characters: Kakashi Hatake, Avatar Aang



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